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Water & wastewater
Water is a precious resource. The investigation, design, modelling and management of water resources, (both fresh and waste), must be aimed at minimizing the effect on the

AardvarkFieldfare clean water services include
o advice on catchment management
o demand and supply forecasting
o hydrogeological studies
o modelling
o riverline & coastal defence design / engineering & wetlands restoration

And on waste water issues we provide:
o technical services for discharge monitoring / effluent treatment
o pollution control
o plant design
o ecological assessment
o quality analysis and toxicity testing
Technical Services
Ecological/Land Management
Contaminated Land
Environmental Impact Assessment
Sustainable Energy/Climate Change
Waste Management & Recycling
Water & Wastewater
Consultancy Services
Product Stewardship
Corporate Environmental Strategy/CSR
Due Diligence/Auditing

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