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  Mark Clayton
Director - UK

Mark is a Chartered Environmentalist with a degree of Environmental Science from Imperial College. He established Aardvark EM in 1997 to provide environmental innovation to all forms of industry, agriculture and marine based projects. Within the first 2 years Aardvark won a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Smart Innovation Award for their work in developing low-cost oil clean up systems.

Mark has consulted on a wide range of environmental projects in the UK and overseas. He has worked with clients to design and implement renewable energy schemes, reduce waste and emissions, and treat wastewater sustainably. He has also used his expertise to provide a trouble-shooting service for businesses, giving advice on control and monitoring procedures where problems have arisen.

Paul Hodson
Director - UK

Paul has a national Diploma in Agriculture, a Post Graduate Diploma in Soil and Water Engineering, and an M.Sc. in Water Engineering.

He has 19 years experience in international development work, including water resources and waste water management, more than 25 years experience of temperate and tropical agriculture, including plantation crop and sugar cane irrigation, drainage, soil and water conservation, extension and advisory services. He has worked extensively in India, Kenya, and across South East Asia including China, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

He is co director with Michael in Fieldfare Landtrust Ltd, a not for profit company that specialises in environmental development work.

Dek Vimeanreaksmey
Assistant and Field Officer

Known to his friends as Smey, and has been working in the field of environmental protection and education since 2003, and graduated from Phnom Penh University in 2004 with a degree in Environmental Science.

He has worked for the Ministry of Environment in Cambodia, where his role was to work with local communities to encourage and support environmentally sustainable economic growth. His time at the provincial Department of Environment in Siem Reap was focused on addressing this issue as the town's infrastructure and natural resources are failing to meet the tremendous increase in development, fuelled by the tourist industry surrounding the Angkor Wat site.

Yean Ly
Technical Advisor, Community Development and Sustainable Agriculture - Cambodia Office

Mr Ly is our mentor and guide in all things related to the Cambodian Environment, especially sustainable agriculture and community development. He is a founder member of APDCE, (The Association for the Protection and Development of the Cambodian Environment), which is a Cambodian NGO, established since 1995, initially working with local communities, to provide education and training on environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture.

Over the years, he has developed a large network of contacts with local community leaders, gaining an intimate knowledge of their issues and concerns, and plays a vital role as liaising with local communities, who are often the ultimate beneficiaries of our work.





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To Contact Us

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